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Eye Doctor in Fort Lee

Eye Infections in Fort Lee

Eye doctor in Fort Lee

Eye doctor in Fort Lee

Unfortunately, your eyes can sustain an infection, and if they do, you should consult with our eye doctor in Fort Lee. Addressed promptly, we at Cliffside Park Associates can effectively treat eye infections like conjunctivitis and keratitis effectively. What’s vital is that you don’t ignore the problem.

It is often true that irritation becomes inflammation and then eventually infection if a bad situation is not taken care of. So it is true with your eyes. Conjunctivitis, which is also called “pink eye,” is an inflammation condition that can become infected. It can be transmitted from person to person easily, too. You are likely to notice symptoms such as the most obvious one of all, redness of the eye. Itching and burning may also be present; as can excessive tearing, blurry vision, and unusual sensitivity to light. In addition, discharge of a yellow, green, or white color might also occur. And if it does, you should be examined right away by our eye doctor in Fort Lee. The appropriate treatment depends on the cause of conjunctivitis, which may be either bacterial, viral, allergic, or from an irritant. Keratitis is an infection from wearing contact lenses. The symptoms are similar to those of conjunctivitis, and as a result it is important to get a checkup from our eye doctor in Fort Lee so that the proper diagnosis can be made. There is no doubt that any infection, anywhere in your body, is cause for concern and should not be put off. It is not going to get better on its own. You need treatment, and in order to get it, first there must be a determination of the source of it.

Act quickly when you have an eye infection or any symptoms that indicate a situation that is not normal. We’re here to help, so call us.

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