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Eye Exams in Fort Lee

Fort Lee eye doctor

Eye exams in Fort Lee

Eye exams in Fort Lee

Are you looking for an excellent optical practice that uses state-of-the-art-equipment to aid in diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases? If so, we know that you will be very happy with the medical care and individualized attention that you get when you are seen at our eye care practice, Cliffside Park Eye Associates. When you or your family need eye exams in Fort Lee, we hope that you will contact us for an appointment with one of our top-notch eye doctors.

At our eye care practice we are very pleased to have two expert and highly-respected eye doctors on staff. They are Dr. Van Vinciguerra and Dr. Wae Shin. At our eye care practice we are fully devoted to providing patients with expert eye exams in Fort Lee, as well as important eye care and treatment. Many patients come to us for our eye exams which use the most modern equipment to aid in eye disease diagnosis. At our practice we are happy to be able to use our new OCT machine, made by Zeiss, to aid in diagnosis. OCT stands for optical coherence tomography. This important machine gives our doctors the ability to recognize adult onset macular degeneration. Our OCT machine offers a non-invasive diagnostic technique. It is able to provide a cross-section of the retina. This cross-sectional map is extremely accurate, and is now known to be one of the most important ophthalmic diagnostic tools.

Our eye exams in Fort Lee are comprehensive. They focus on measuring a patient’s visual acuity as well as on screening to detect eye diseases and disorders. Our eye doctor will first determine whether or not you have any vision problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Our eye doctor will then go on to screen your eyes for a series of eye diseases and disorders. Among the eye diseases we screen for are: macular degeneration; glaucoma; cataracts; retinal tears; diabetic retinopathy; and many other problems of the cornea, macula, and retina. Our OCT machine is able to show both macular edema as well as sub-retinal fluid. The latter is very important when examining the eyes of a diabetic patient. Our OCT machine will also allow our doctors to identify a macular hole, a macular pucker, macular edema, or other problems such as macular degeneration. If you would like an appointment to come to our eye care practice for a comprehensive eye exam, simply contact us today.

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