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Conjunctivitis in Cliffside Park

Cliffside Park eye doctor
Cliffside Park eye doctor

If you wake up with your eyes pink and irritated, you may have conjunctivitis. In this case, it is very important to make an appointment to visit our Cliffside Park Eye Associates practice. Here, our Cliffside Park eye doctor, Dr. Van Vinciguerra, can examine your eyes and let you know the reason for your red eye problem, and provide you with appropriate treatment.

Pinkeye is also referred to his conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is when there is an inflammation or infection of the clear membrane that lines your eye and eyelid. When the small blood vessels in these areas become inflamed, they are much more visible and can cause the white areas of your eyes to appear red or pink. Conjunctivitis can be caused by either a bacterial or viral infection. It can also be caused by an allergy that is affecting one or both eyes. Pink eye can be a very irritating situation and there are treatments that our Cliffside Park eye doctor can provide that will help to ease the discomfort. Conjunctivitis can also be very contagious and early diagnosis and treatment can help keep the eye disease from spreading to someone else. Signs of conjunctivitis can include: redness; itchiness; a discharge that forms during the night that can keep your eyes from opening in the morning; or excessive tearing. You should contact our eye doctor at the earliest signs of conjunctivitis. He can help by making a definitive diagnosis, by providing treatment, and by ruling out any other serious vision problems which can actually cause similar symptoms. If you wear contact lenses, you will not want to wear them for as long as you have the symptoms. It could be that the eye infection is related to your contact lens use, or bacteria from the eye infection can actually be transferred to your contact lenses. You will want to have immediate attention from our eye doctor if you experience any eye pain, eye sensitivity, or blurred vision.

For an appointment to see our Cliffside Park eye doctor regarding symptoms of redeye or conjunctivitis, contact us today.

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