Edgewater dry eye treatment

Edgewater Dry Eye Treatment

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Treating dry eyes in Edgewater

Edgewater dry eye treatment
Edgewater dry eye treatment

When it comes to dry eyes, the good news is that the condition does not threaten your health in the long term, nor is it responsible for any permanent changes to your vision. The bad news is that it results in discomfort and temporary obstacles to your vision. At Cliffside Park Eye Associates, Edgewater dry eye treatment is one of the many valuable services we offer to our patients just like you.

Insufficient lubrication, either due to not enough tears or poor quality of tears, is the reason you develop dry eyes. Exposure to wind and smoke can make the situation worse. When you experience indications such as sensitivity to light, redness in your eyes, blurred vision, a burning or stinging feeling in your eyes, tired eyes, or an uncomfortable feeling when you wear your contacts, you could probably benefit from our Edgewater dry eye treatment. First must come an accurate diagnosis, which means an eye exam and possibly tests to determine the volume and quality of your tears. Sometimes, the answer when it comes to addressing the concern is as simple as the application of artificial tears, which are a type of eye drops designed to add back the necessary moisture to your eyes. You can get them over-the-counter, or for a stronger version, we can offer a prescription. In addition to our Edgewater dry eye treatment, you should try to avoid air-conditioned rooms as well as smoke (your own and that of others). Wear eyeglasses or sunglasses when you’re out on windy days. You may also want to get a humidifier for your home to add vital moisture to dry indoor air. If the above solutions do not achieve the desired outcome, surgery could be an option.

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