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Edgewater Glaucoma

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Glaucoma eye care in Edgewater

Edgewater glaucoma
Edgewater glaucoma

If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, or are concerned that you may develop the eye disease, you should definitely contact our vision practice, Cliffside Park Eye Associates, so that you can be seen by our optometrist for glaucoma screening and eye care. Our two expert doctors who can screen you for Edgewater glaucoma, and if necessary manager the condition are, Dr. Van Vinciguerra and Dr. Wae Shin.

During our comprehensive eye exams, our eye doctor can test your eyes to see if you are developing Edgewater glaucoma. As part of our exam, our doctor will use a special optometric instrument which will determine what your intraocular pressure is. If this pressure is high, it may be an indicator that you have glaucoma, and that you will need additional tests for definitive diagnosis. If you do indeed have Edgewater glaucoma, and it is diagnosed in the early stages, our optometrist will be able to provide you with complete glaucoma eye care. You will only need to use medicated eye drops daily in order to keep your eye pressure low. This should be enough to keep the glaucoma at bay, and you will not need to lose any vision at all to this serious eye disease. Instead, you will only need to continue taking the eye drops on a daily basis and to visit our optometrist on a periodic basis for glaucoma management. If at any point it is determined that the glaucoma is advancing, our optometrist will be able to refer you to an ophthalmologist in the area who will be able to provide you with advanced glaucoma care. This can include laser surgery which can be extremely successful in keeping the glaucoma from proceeding. The most important thing with glaucoma is that you are diagnosed as soon as possible in order to keep the disease from affecting your optic nerve.

For an appointment to meet with our optometrist to be screened for, or managed with Edgewater glaucoma, contact us today.

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