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Glaucoma in Edgewater NJ

Edgewater NJ eye doctor

Edgewater NJ eye doctor

When your eye develops an unsafe degree of pressure inside it, you have glaucoma. Early detection is essential for achieving the best possible outcomes, and that’s why we at Cliffside Park Eye Associates suggest that all of our customers have a yearly checkup done by our Edgewater NJ eye doctor. If left unchecked, glaucoma an cause vision loss, including blindness, and possible irreversible damage to your optic nerves.

What causes glaucoma? In other words, what is that makes your eye pressure increase to that degree? The answer can be found in the fluid your eyes create and then drain. When more is made than can be effectively eliminated, you get a buildup. That buildup adds to your eye pressure. And while symptoms do not show up in the early stages of glaucoma, you should be aware of what they are, because experiencing them means you should be seen by our Edgewater NJ eye doctor promptly. Among them are any loss of vision, redness in your eyes, pain in your eyes, halos surrounding light in your field of vision, tunnel vision, nausea, and vomiting. Those last two should be taken into account more seriously when accompanied by one or more other signs. Diagnostic testing is centered around tonometry, which measures your eye pressure. A field vision test, visual acuity test, and photos of the inside of your eye will typically also be part of the process by our Edgewater NJ eye doctor. Depending on how far glaucoma has progressed, treatment options may be based on the goal of simply correcting the imbalance between fluid production and draining, or in repairing optic nerve damage. For addressing the fluid imbalance, the methods will be to either reduce fluid production, increase drainage efficiency, or creating a new channel from which the fluid can drain.

Book an appointment at our office. Call us Edgewater NJ eye doctor┬áso that we can set up the best time for you to come in and get an eye exam. Glaucoma is treatable. Just don’t let it become advanced before you do something about it.

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