Eye Care in Fort Lee

Red eyes in Fort Lee

Eye care in Fort Lee

Eye care in Fort Lee

If your eyes are red and irritated you should immediately come in to see our eye doctor at Cliffside Park Eye Associates. Our expert optometrist, Dr. Van Vinciguerra, will provide you with complete eye care in Fort Lee, including treatment of your red eyes.

When your eyes are red and irritated, it is generally said that you have red eyes. However, until you come to see our eye doctor for eye care in Fort Lee, you will not know the cause of your red eyes. Red eyes can be caused by a serious eye infection or by something as simple as not getting enough sleep. Eyes become red when the blood vessels in your eyes are swollen and irritated. Some problems of red eye can be very serious, while others are not. A common cause of red eye is conjunctivitis, also commonly referred to as pinkeye. Conjunctivitis is an extremely contagious eye infection which many children get from friends at school, or at the daycare center. Seasonal allergies can also be a common cause of red eye. Scleritis is also a cause of red eye. In this eye condition, the white part of the eye becomes red and inflamed. It is important that this vision problem is treated quickly before partial or complete vision loss occurs. Sometimes a patient can develop a stye on their eyelid. This is generally described as a bump on the eyelid, or an inflamed area. The bump will be red and painful, and can even look like a pimple near the eye. A stye will generally go away by itself without treatment; however you should come in for eye care in Fort Lee if the problem becomes worse or if you begin to see a discharge from the stye. Red eyes can also be caused by closed-angle glaucoma. In this case it is imperative that you have immediate medical treatment.

For an appointment for emergency eye care in Fort Lee at our vision practice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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