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Dry eyes in Cliffside Park NJ

Optometrist in Cliffside Park NJ
Optometrist in Cliffside Park NJ

If you have eyes which seem to be constantly irritated or scratchy, you may have dry eye. At our vision practice, Cliffside Park Eye Associates, our optometrist in Cliffside Park NJ can provide you with a complete eye exam and determine whether or not you have a problem with dry eyes.

When you come to our vision practice for an eye exam you will be seen by one of our two expert eye doctors, Dr. Van Vinciguerra or Dr. Wae Shin. If you are suffering with dry eye you are not alone. This is a very common eye condition, especially in people over age 60. Dry eye can be easily diagnosed by our optometrist in Cliffside Park NJ, who can determine which treatment should help you. Dry eye is caused when a patient’s eyes do not produce tears that are sufficient in volume, or are not of a good enough quality to keep their eyes thoroughly nourished and moistened. Dry eye can also be made worse by other situations which can include changes in hormones, taking certain medications, environmental factors, or even the weather. Cold air, which is extremely drying, can cause many patients to have problems with dry eye. Dry eye symptoms can include: eyes that are irritated; eyes that are dry; red eyes; burning eyes; a feeling that there is a foreign body in the eye; intermittently blurred vision; excessively watering eyes; eyes that appear dull; eyes that feel sore; eyes that are sensitive to air-conditioning; or eyes that are irritated when you wake up. When a patient has mild-to-moderate dry eyes our eye doctor can prescribe medicated eye drops which are very effective in treating this condition. In more advanced cases of dry eye, a patient may have removable plugs inserted into their tear ducts to help keep tears in the eyes longer. In more advanced cases of dry eye, a patient may need surgery to permanently close their tear ducts; however, this is rare.

For an appointment to meet with our optometrist in Cliffside Park NJ for treatment of your dry eyes, contact us today.

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